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KEYU jade,Chinese jade
KE YU FANG QIU was born in the 1990s, which has honed out the jade school with new Chinese carving elements, and interprets the reconciliation and unification of east and West, tradition and modern.
Place of Origin
From the yulong Kashi River stretching over 300 kilometers, the best hetian jade seed material in Xinjiang is brought to the world.

Western minimalism is integrated into every jade design to find a balance between the seemingly opposite poles.

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The splendid collision between the famous carving master and the jade square cutlery shows the eternity of culture.

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Yulian | Endless jade bones and tenderness
Date: 2021.08.19
The lotus, the gentleman of flowers, is low-key and elegant, and is the flower of noble character in the flower. The words "Flower One World, One Leaf One Tathagata" refer to lotus. It is not only synonymous with nobleness, but also a symbol and messenger of friendship. In ancient China, there is a tradition of folding plums and gifting far away in spring, and picking lotus flowers in autumn to cherish people.     The lotus is also revered as the "Buddha flower". As a unique...
Hetian Jade Bracelet | "Love is Beautiful" in Summer
Date: 2021.08.19
Summer · Elegance on the wrist   Safe, auspicious, and complete, These beautiful and happy words, String on each bead, Interpretation of romance and freedom, Dignified and beautiful.   Ke Yu Fang Qiao   Number: CX252056      Speaking of bracelets, they are probably the first choice for many female friends. Wearing them especially in summer can not only bring the icing on the cake to the overall outfit, but also make it more beautiful and tem...
Gold inlaid with jade | Wear it beautifully all summer!
Date: 2021.08.19
 "Gold inlaid jade" is also known as the gilded tin inlay process, which is the name of the process of inlaying tin and covering gold on the surface of jade, ceramics, purple sand, colored glaze and other handicrafts. The scientific name of "golden inlaid jade" in the jade carving process is "gold and silver inlaid gemstone jade". ✦The origin of "gold inlaid with jade"      Legend has it that after the usurpation of the throne, Wang Mang forced the empress dowager to s...
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