Place of Origin
Natural precious jade, from the Kunlun Mountains
The Source of KEYU Jade
Kunlun Mountain is the birthplace of Hetian jade, known in ancient Chinese books as "the mountain of jade". The Hetian jade ore belt in Kunlun Mountains, which stretches for more than 1500 kilometers, is dotted with the primary deposits and mineral spots of Hetian jade. The Hetian jade of KE YU FANG QIU is taken from here.
Hetian Lianghe jade mining area
Tateleke jade mining area
Agejugai glacier jade mining area
Unimaginably Difficult to Exploit
Jade mining in the jade mine is very difficult. Now some old jade mines have been exhausted, some newly discovered jade mines are above the 5000m snow line, more difficult to mine. Therefore, every piece of hetian jade can be rare for jade KE YU FANG QIU.
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Screening and Evaluation Criteria
Hetian jade is delicate and soft in texture, and has always been favored by many collectors. KE YU FANG QIU relies on the craftsmanship to identify true jade and select good jade for jade lovers, and takes this as our consistent attitude and criterion.
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